Jika tiada rezeki anak,
mungkin diberikan rezeki mertua yang baik.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari mendapat anak
yang liar.
Jika tiada rezeki wang ringgit,
mungkin diberikan rezeki kesihatan.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari kerisauan menjaga
harta dunia.
Jika tiada…


Anonymous asked:

Tell me a story

doitfora5iver answered:

Let me tell you this Hadith; one of my all time favourites about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Aisha(Ra)

The Prophet (SAW) and Aisha(Ra) were in a room together this one day and The Prophet (SAW) was mending/fixing his shoe/sandal. It was a hot day, and beads of sweat rolled down the blessed forehead of The Prophet (SAW). Aisha(Ra) became overwhelmed by the majesty of that sight; staring at Him long enough for The Prophet (SAW) to notice and ask, “Aisha, what is the matter?” Aisha(Ra) said “If Abu Bukair Al-Huthali, the poet, saw you, he would know that his poem was written for you.

The Prophet (SAW) then asked what this poem was, to which Aisha(Ra) replied, “If you look to the majesty of the moon, it twinkles and lights up the world for everyone to see”. So The Prophet (SAW) got up, walked over to Aisha(Ra) and he kissed her between the eyes saying, “Wallahi ya Aisha, you are like that to me and more”